Silver Rainbow 4


Silver Rainbow 4 = A set of 4 New unused fountain heads driven by a central control to give a synchronised light show with Jumping Jets. Colours = Red, Green , Blue, Yellow , Purple , Turquoise and white.

What Silver Rainbow 4 lacks in sophisticated design it certainly makes up for it in economy and performance at only £1,560.00 delivered in the UK.

Though you cannot compare like for like because nobody else offers such a package it would work out to be approximately 70 to 80% cheaper than if you tried to achieve this with 4 fountain heads from the market leaders. ( you would have to supply your own control system )

Built to order.

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Basic information

Laminar Flow - In fluid dynamics, laminar flow is characterized by fluid particles following smooth paths in layers, with each layer moving smoothly past the adjacent layers with little or no mixing.
Integral lighting – each nozzle has an LED light source built within the body which gives Red, Orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, indigo, + white.

Jumping Jet – each nozzle has a guillotine built in which cut the water flow to give Jumping Jets

Control Box – A waterproof box to IP 65 rating which contains the Power Supply and Printed Circuit Board which intern contains the preprogramed microchip which controls the pumps (not included #) and all 4 Nozzles which gives a synchronized display of jumping jets and light show.

# - Pumps are not included because you may already have pumps, you may wish to use high quality pumps from Switzerland, Germany or Japan, or be happy with a basic Chinese manufactured pump. Either way you can get these cheaper than we can supply them to you.


When you switch the system on the guillotines close while the water jets get up to pressure then there is a short display of Jumping Jets with an integral light show. After a few minutes the controls shut down the whole system including the pumps.
After a few minutes the controls start the system again this time with a different display and again in a few minutes rest. Each short display is different from the preceding show and each rest period varies to give the impression of spontaneity. The entire show last approximately 2 hours then the controls shut everything down, pumps included.


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