Position Your Feature and Product Care

Follow this guide to enable a greater product experience and longevity.

Care and maintenance

For the best effect of the Jumping Jets it is best to keep the water feature sheltered from the wind because as with all water fountains the wind will distort the desired effect of the fountain / Jump Jet.

It is also best if you can position the water feature in an area shaded from the sun because all water contains nutrients, algae and bacteria etc which if left stagnant in the sun will soon turn into a gloopy slime.

This advice can become contradictory because using trees or hedges for shelter or shade is a problem as both of these will shed their leaves which will end up in the water feature, they will then rot down and cause further gloopiness.


Once in the optimum position, the first thing to keep an eye on is wind born debris, it is amazing how many leaves, bits of stuff and kamikaze insects are headed your way, a simple kitchen sieve or fish keepers net are fine for removing these objects.

Keep Jumping Jets sheltered from wind

Keep out of direct sunlight (if possible)

Keep feature free of debris

Fight the algae using additives

To keep your water clear from algae growth it is necessary to make it a hostile place for them to grow. There are plenty of additives on the market that keep the water alkaline thus preventing the growth of pond slime and similar. We do not sell these products as we can not compete on price, there are plenty of places to buy these products online or local aquatic centres, nor do we recommend any particular brand as they are pretty much the same. The use of household bleach is not a good idea as this contains a small amount of detergent which will foam up when forced through the Jump Jet system.

UV light can be used to kill off some of the algae but remember this leaves dead algae within the water which then need to be filtered out, it is best to stop them at base camp.


We do not supply pumps with the Jump Jet DIY kit because it is not possible to have a one pump fits all. There is a huge range of pumps with differing prices, quality and flow capability. Pumps from German or Swiss manufacturers can be as much as double or treble the price of say a Chinese built pump.

Flow rates vary as well one manufacturer claims 3000L/H but their pump  out performs a pump which claims 4000L/H. Again there are masses of pumps and plenty of companies selling them on the net at prices we could not match.

As a rule of thumb

A 6000L/H pump will give an arch of 1.2m high with a 2.4 to 2.8m distance

A 4000L/H pump will give an arch of 1.2m high with a 1.6 to 2.0m distance

This is not an exact science for the reasons mentioned above. Also the nozzle that is furthest from the pump will have the highest water pressure and jump the furthest (don’t know why) If you want to gain greater control of the individual jets simple inline plastic valves are easily available. (picture in assembly notes).


“A garden to be proud of.”

I am so happy with the workmanship that has gone into building this fabulous product. I now have a garden to be proud of.

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