Assembly Instructions

Installing the JumpJet system is quite simple – you will just need one of our jump jet systems and ensure that you also have the following before you start: water pump,  a timer plug and a hose pipe.

All other components mentioned below are included in all JumpJet kits.

Now you are set to go!


  1. The power supply/transformer is for internal use, so position in the house, garage, garden shed, green house etc.
  2. Run the electrical cable towards your garden water feature, and bury it to avoid a tripping hazard. Download our electrical setup guide here.
  3. Position the control box as close as possible to the pond, gravel water feature. It is water tight, but we recommend avoiding areas that may flood.
  4. From the control box there’s a 4 x 5M cable for each jet – there are 4 jets per JumpJet pack. It’s quite safe to run these cables through the water but it’s recommended to ensure they are covered.
  5. Position the jets and secure them in place by either using the stainless steel stands provided and then fixing to concrete, brick (a solid point) or weigh down with sizeable stones. DO NOT submerge the nozzles on the jets in water – see diagram.
  6. Once in position connect the hose using the push pull attachments provided, push together the electrical cables and screw together.  (Check there are no kinks in the hose pipes.)
  7. We have supplied a selection of hose connectors, clips and connecting pipe. The following configuration gives the best results:
  • Using the connection pipe supplied cut a short section 40mm app connect one of the 25mm Ts to the pump exit nozzle.
  • To each side of the T using a 40mm section of pipe connect the other 2 Ts. This will now give you 4 x 25mm openings to each of these using a short length of hose attach a reducing connector. Then using ordinary garden hose connect each of the 4 nozzles to the reducing connectors.
  • Keep the water as clean as possible – use a water filter if in a pond.

8. Keep the water as clean as possible – use a water filter if in a pond.

Plug with 13 amp fuse

Power supply / Transformer
The power supply should be kept under cover preferably in the house, garage, shed, greenhouse etc. The cable from the power supply to the control box is 8.5m approx 

Control Box
This should NOT be submerged, it is weather proof, but any additional cover would
be better.

Looking at the control box the wire on the left is number 1 working to the right 2, 3, with 4 being on the right. Looking down at the nozzles set in a square number 1 would be bottom left, number 2 top left, number 3 top right, number 4 bottom right.



Assembled nozzle with hose connectors.

Do not over tighten the front cover as this will impede the movement of the guillotine.

4 Way split
Unfortunately we have not been able to find a purpose built 4 way divider which allows the water to flow fast enough so we have included these T’s and reducers to assist in dividing the single out put from the pump. Using the 25mm pipe provided attach the middle T to the pump, using the pipe again attach a T to the right and left, then attach the reducers to each outer T to which you can attach your garden hose. Keep the lengths of hose to each nozzle the same length if the lengths of hose are different lengths then the nozzle with the longest length of hose will receive a higher water pressure / flow.( Don’t know why ) If you wish to gain greater control of each individual Nozzle there are many in line valves available at some garden / pond centres or on the internet.


Please note we do not recommend using the JumpJet system in a live pond as the cleaner the water, the better the effect! It is also possible that elements in a live pond could effect jet nozzles and other parts of the system.

If, however, you choose to use the system in conjunction with a live pond then FILTRATION IS ESSENTIAL the more the better. Most garden centres and web sites have masses of such equipment.

If being used with a dedicated water supply then the use of an additive such as Fountain Fresh or Crystal Clear Water Feature Treatment helps keep the water free from algae etc.

Do not submerge the nozzles of the jets in the water.


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